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2017 AGM Results

Resource Connector North: 2017 AGM Results

March 14th, 2017

Resource Connector North held there Annual General Meeting on February 27th and are pleased to announce the appointment of Curt Steeves as Chair of the Board. Curt first joined the Board in 2016 and will work alongside the Directors to create change and gain deeper insights on where the province is headed.  “I and the Board understand the importance of change to remain impactful and relevant to our supporters and ensure we deliver upon our mission: To Promote Economic Growth in the Natural Resource Sector for the Benefit of all British Columbians.”

Returning directors Claudette Gouger, who will serve as the Vice-Chair, and John Irving, who was appointed the Secretary/Treasurer, are welcome additions to the Executive team. RCN would like to thank Darren Calhoun for his services as Chair for the 2016 year and are pleased to have Darren remain on the Board as Past-Chair. Serving an additional term on the Board as Directors are Fraser Deacon and Roz Thorn. This year we are fortunate to welcome Robert Shaw, and Ante Cirko as Directors on the Board.

Resource Connector North looks forward to the coming year and bringing our supporters together with the goal of making Northern BC stronger.

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